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Bu is a boy with a pencil and a big heart and Barry is a seal-lion with an even bigger craving. When the pencil magics up Barry into Bu’s life they instantly become BFFs. Eating together and turning a blind eye to their weaknesses, because that’s what friends do.

Barry & Bu kinderboek

Barry & Bu is a trilingual children’s book by Pepijn Lanen, Steven van Lummel and Kentaro Okawara. Featuring a boy that loves to draw and a seal-lion with an appetite, Barry & Bu goes to show that true friendship is endless, creativity knows no borders and understanding is everything.


English, Japanese & Dutch

18cm x 18cm

Utmost Upmost


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It was not long ago in Tokyo, when Pepijn, Steven and Kentaro were chatting the night away as friends do. When the three lads discovered they shared a dream of making a children’s book one day, they decided on the spot that ‘one day’ would be today. Side by side Pepijn, Steven and Kentaro drew and wrote and wrote and drew. Right there and right then, in Tokyo, is how Barry & Bu came to life.


Barry & Bu is published by Utmost Upmost.

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